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Dayana Romero

Registered Psychotherapist


Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca

Registered Psychotherapist (Q)


Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, addictions, anger management issues or PTSD? If so, then you've come to the right place. We'll work to help support you in your current problems and improve positive thinking and behaviour. Our goal is to help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles.


We all know families can be frustrating and wonderful all at the same time. For the moments when we don't see eye to eye, family therapy can come into effect.  Family Therapy sessions help families develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances that occur within our household (and without).

In order to help provide greater support to all family members, Family Counselling sessions are held in conjunction with Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca and Dayana Romero.


Let's be honest, being in a committed relationship is hard enough with all the other stuff piled on top of it. Not being in one can often be just as hard. I guide my patients through every step of the way and implement various methods to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters. Couples therapy isn't always about saving or ending the relationship. Instead, it's about seeing what works and what doesn't so you both evolve into better versions of yourself. Relationship therapy on the other hand is beneficial for those who are looking to get into a relationship but always seem to strikeout.

We highly recommend individual counsel for the couple if issues are identified that are separate from the relationship.  Dayana and Richard are able to provide the couple individual counselling in order to keep the counselling consistent.  Joint co-therapist sessions are normally not held in individual counseling unless requested by the person. 

Couples therapy is held in conjunction with Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca and Dayana Romero.


So you have a dream, but are having a hard time reaching it? Always making plans, but never seeing them through? You have an idea but not sure what plans to make in order to realize it? Are you a CEO or in charge of running a company, but need direction? Coaching works effectively for those who have some sort of direction but just need guidance in finding their way. It works hand in hand with positive psychology in order to help you reach your full potential.


Are you Native? Do you have a status card? If so, you are covered under Health Canada to receive up to 20 hours of psychotherapy if you are currently suffering with certain mental health issues. There is no need to suffer alone. As an individual who identifies with indigenous roots, Dayana's passion is to work within the community. Services are provided at the Hamilton Regional Indian Center or in our private practice as a healthcare provider under this program.


Are you part of the Military Community or other groups serviced by Blue Cross?  If so, we currently offer individual and/or family psychotherapy.  Sessions guide our patients through their anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or any number of other difficulties they are experiencing in order to achieve their personal treatment goals.  As a Veteran on staff, Richard served eight-years in combat-arms before his medical release from the Regular Forces.  He identifies strongly with the military community in order to act as a therapist and advocate.

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