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Case Management

A Case Manager looks at all the moving parts of a person’s life.

  • Biological Needs- things to achieve physical wellbeing

  • Psychological needs- things to achieve Mental or Psychological wellbeing

  • Sociological needs- always include people, places, things (community supports & interests, relationship, home & work)

  • Spiritual Needs- may include working on confidence, peace, connection, forgiveness, love, acceptance


Case managers are highly skilled and resourceful.   They are a wealth of information and can provide options and solutions to many problems. They assist in finding online and local resources such as AA, NA and Smart Recovery meetings.

The initial appointment is to meet with their clients to gather insight and information.  When a person is highly motivated for change, they are open to accepting the recommendations and collaborating together to come up with a strategy that accomplishes the short- or long-term goal.

In the first year of recovery, the recommendation would be to commit to 30minute meeting weekly with a  check-in. This resource provides support, accountability and helps mitigate or eliminate any unforeseen challenges in early recovery.  

We offer this service in English and Spanish.