First Aid for Couples

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Gay Couple with their Daughter
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Relationships are hard, we all know that. Work is required in order to keep a couple together through high and low tides. This workshop discusses how couples can be brought together or pushed apart by conflicts and strains in the relationship. We draw from the principles of medicine in order to assist couples in:

(1) Identifying potentially problematic patterns in a relationship

(2) Labeling  underlying problems

(3) Means of working towards solutions


We pull from our Four Pillars of a healthy relationship:

(1) Friendship

(2) Communication

(3) Trust

(4) Sex

The goal of this workshop is to obtain valuable information through a holistic approach meant to address key problems within:

(1) The relationship

(2) Your partner

(3) You

It is strongly recommended that couples participate together, instead of attend individually. This workshop is designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship. If your relationship is in trouble or showing signs of possible distress, this one day workshop will provide you with a better understanding of your relationship and guide you down a road of prosperity.

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