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Coaching in general differs from therapy in the aspect that as a therapist, I'm not there to help you through your challenging stages in life when mental health issues area a concern. If anything, with coaching, you already have your answers, you just need a game plan in order to implement your strategies.  its about expanding your horizons and learning what currently impedes you from reaching your life or career goals. 


Executive coaching is for executives,  business owners, CEO's, managers or supervisors who need direction in steering their company and goals in the right direction. I provide a safe space and sounding board for the client. My goal is to ask you those hard burning questions you may not have considered, challenge your assumptions, bring clarity, resources, and advice when needed. I provide behavioral assessments, interviews to help you gain awareness on who you are and help establish your goals. I strongly practice Mindfulness Based Cognitive thinking to identify your awareness on how you are affecting your surrounds and vice versus.  Executive coaching back in the day was used to fix "what's broken" in their employee. Executive coaching can still be used to correct behavioral problems and help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts. However, its being utilized more accordingly to help top executives reach their highest potential.  It can also be utilized to help groom that top executive/employee for a larger role.


Coaching use to be a foreign concept for many, however ask any world class athlete or successful CEO who their life coach is and what value it brought to them in reaching their full potential and they'll gladly show you their results. A life coach brings you the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight in order to allow you to break your glass ceiling and achieve your goals.  A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. Life Coaching addresses specific personal projects, business goals, relationship issues and transitions in the client's life that may be hindering them by examining their current impediments right now. The goal of life coaching is to identify what your current obstacles or challenges are, and finding affirmative action to correct them in the present. 

In Coaching, We Will:

Analyze your personality properly through assessment testing

Built a pathway for your personal life/career

Look at the issues that are holding you back

Find your life and career purpose

Work through your fears and anxieties that are present stumbling blocks

Cut through the nonsense you have created for yourself

Dump toxic behaviors

Break through your glass ceiling

Help you find you!

*A life coach/executive coach is not a psychotherapist when in this capacity. If you are currently dealing with mental health issues/concerns, then life/executive coaching is not for you as coaching does not address mental health concerns.


Are you looking for a personal coach to help you get through your recovery?  We are happy to offer our Empowerment & Recovery Coaching Program with Juan Carlos Labrador.  Juan Carlos, or “JC”, is a recovered alcoholic and addict and has been helping other alcoholics in AA as a sponsor for three years. In addition, Juan Carlos is also SMART Recovery certified and offers 1-on-1 coaching services to help you find the light to your inner peace and set you on the path towards the person you truly want to be. He will help you achieve the goals you have been longing for through self-management and self-help practices. Locally, he also attends local rehab centres to pass along his message of recovery and provide volunteer services. Finally, Juan Carlos is also currently studying for an addictions counselling certificate at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Our recovery coaching program is available at an affordable rate. For more information, please contact us at