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9 Signs You Are Developing An Addiction

It’s easy to talk about addiction casually; many people act as if liking something a lot classifies it as an addiction. The truth is that it doesn’t, but social conceptions of an addict are much more drastic than it is in reality. An addict usually presents as much more “normal” than people expect; they will blend in with everyone else. Since there are extreme examples out there, that thought process is the norm. Many people wonder, how do you know if you’re becoming addicted to something or just simply having a good time?

The most commonly discussed and known addictions are drug and alcohol abuse. When it comes to behavioural addiction, the lines are a bit less clear. There are now so many different types of addicts; it now no longer is just substance abuse on the table when we talk about addiction.

Below are some signs you might be an addict, if you are worried you might be dependent on something, whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, etc:

  1. You continue to use it/do iit even though there are clear negative consequences

  2. You lose interest in any social activity that doesn’t involve your addiction

  3. You go into withdrawal if you try to stop

  4. You try to keep your addiction a secret

  5. Your tolerance continues to increase

  6. You can’t stop using the substance or doing the act

  7. You take significant risks and suffer disproportionate consequences for it

  8. You need to use it every time a problem arises

  9. You make excuses for everything, especially when your loved ones are concerned

If you do believe you have a problem, the first step, is to find an understanding medical professional who will be able to recommend therapy, rehab, or other steps that might be able to help.

At RD Psychotherapy, we can help you find a therapy service that works for you. To learn more about our services at RD Psychotherapy, please contact us today!

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