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How to Help Your Male Partner Get Therapy

If He Won’t Ask for Directions He Likely Won’t Realize When He Needs Help

Telling someone they need help might feel good, but it is seldom effective at getting them the help they need. It is tough for men in many cases to acknowledge vulnerability. Perhaps because of how they were raised, perhaps because of how they see themselves in society, that being said it is clear that in today's high-stress world we can all use a bit of help every once in a while

For many wives and partners of men, it is difficult to see the man they love to suffer on the inside. The question again is how do we help? Telling them they need help is usually not effective.

However, reframing the issue and being supportive may open a few doors that can lead to change. Many partners have found that by going to counselling themselves and speaking positively about the experience they can open the door to frank discussions…. about being able to talk freely to a safe third party that won't judge you. About having an outlet valve, about it being satisfying to talk to someone in secret and to not be judged, we all need it, the tough part is getting them there.

Men like to focus on performance, so discussions about how counselling can open doors to higher performance at work, at home, everywhere can make sense. Rather than positioning the issue as a problem or weakness, it can be positioned as an opportunity to get out of a rut, to grow and to be stronger.

The language we use to support our partner is as important as our intention if we are going to be helpful. Many of the videos we are creating at RD Psychotherapy are geared towards opening a conversation on such topic. We suggest leaving your computer browser open on one of these videos and see if it gets watched.

The bottom line is that we want people to get help if and when they need it, but we can not guilt them into it or force them into it. We must support them in ways that make them comfortable doing something foreign to them.

We suggest a quick zoom call to chat with our team just to see if there is a fit. We are flexible in our counselling options, in person or over the web. Many men welcome the opportunity to avoid the embarrassment of sitting in a waiting room and looking around thinking they are being judged for needing help. That's why our zoom services are so popular.

We can help your loved ones get through tough times. Feel free to call us to discuss how we might help you help your loved ones as well.

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