• Dayana & Richard


For many, Remembrance Day summons a reflection of kinship and core ethos, engendered by the military covenant, and embodied through the reverent commemoration of service and sacrifice. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to those in service today; for those who have served; and especially the friends and families who serve our members and veterans.

Myself, I have been privileged not only to have served, but to have served standing next to those who depicted an architype I remain committed to celebrating in my own beliefs and behaviours. Certainly, a standard worth spending an entire life devoted to. In their eyes, I hope the ethos I carried in uniform and still aspire to today, keeps me deserving of their company.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and my medical release reminded me that I should never feel entitled to absolute certainty. I believe it is through our most challenging obstacles that we best define ourselves. My experiences have forced me to overcome hardships and improve upon who I was yesterday and who I will strive to be tomorrow. Even as I took off my uniform, I will never forget the stories shared in secrecy of disappointments, fears, and many tears. They gave me profound insight into the depths of unfathomable human suffering but also into the remarkable resilience of the human spirit. My academic studies have given me theoretical knowledge; however, experience has given me the ability to relate, and dedication has given me a purpose. I have a new mission, but the same reason to fight. Thank you for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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