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Dayana has conducted many speaking engagements throughout her career. From psychological medical conferences, to brands like Acco, BNY Mellon, Starbucks to name a few who have called her in, to teaching lectures and media work.  She enjoy this aspect of her career as it allows her to further grow in her teaching abilities and share her knowledge.  Dayana works with companies to foster her speaking engagements around their needs.  Her media speaking events have included radio segments around love ones with addiction problems, to sitting on a panel dealing with topics such as helping musicians with mental health and addictions issues, to conducting a three day conferences on lateral violence and how to foster a healthy work environment.

Richard has worked in practical learning and teaching environments, like the Canadian Armed Forces, and more theoretical ones, like McMaster University. He has also had the opportunity to deliver presentations at research conferences to audiences of different sizes. Richard enjoys bringing together theoretical components into hands-on practical settings. For example, Richard has delivered presentations that described military cultural dimensions in relation to research and clinical settings. He has also discussed the topic of how to improve working environments though better communication and teamwork.

If you are interested in having Dayana and/or Richard speak, please feel free to drop us a line so we can chat!